This is part of a synopsis for my second novel, published only in Portuguese up until now, called A feia noite (literally, The ugly night or The nasty night). I plan to call it Nasty Nights in English, which mantains the original sense while keeping a nice alliteration. Sorry about any mistakes and hope you like it.

Francisco is 37 years old. Even though he is a political consultant, out of the office he is an extremely righteous and rule-abiding man living in Brazil, where rule-bending is the only rule. But he feels left out of the great party of life. He is on antidepressants so as to stop his panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and also to save his marriage. It’s election year and we’re in January, a high-Summer month crammed between year-end holidays and Carnival festivities, where everybody is out on vacation, including his psychiatrist.
The book starts with Francisco being left by his diva of a wife, Amanda, and breaking down. The following day, he’s unable to remember much. There’s a girl not in his bed, but in the single bed of the children’s room (that he and his wife kept even without children). She’s about to be 21 and her name is Maria Luiza.
Not knowing what had happened between them and not strong enough to show her the door, Francisco offers her shelter, unaware of his own intentions, let alone hers. From this point on the book is divided into “nights”, in a total of fifteen. Francisco is soon to find out that Maria Luiza too is involved with an occupation that is despised by society: a whore’s. A libertine, as she favors. Maria Luiza is just what Francisco has always secretly yearned for: his entrance pass to a world made up of crazy flings and debauchery – but why exactly would she be leaving all this behind?

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New novel

Don't bother to buy any of it, it's all in Portuguese.
Title:A feia noite
Style: obsessive, grotesque, baroque, fabulous
Plot: a political consultant with scruple and a libertine with a cause go awry.
Release: september/2006.

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