I dreamt I was reading this century's opus. Part of it was set in a high school. It involved mutants and geopolitics. I remember particularly of how a dilemma was solved: the dog wouldn't eat because it was really a fish (a mutant fish). There was this smiling, ultrapopular guy called Swoomi (Swann + swami + swoon) that wore a striped red'n'white shirt and foresaw the future through his tiniest actions - but he did not know it.
There were at least 3 tomes, and I read parts 2 and 3. Reading, in my dreams, means to incarnate into a character which I identify myself with.
So, after I read the beggining of tome 3, when the few teen survivors of tome 2 gather in a new high school building for their first day of class, I woke up and stared at the ceiling feeling beside myself.
- What's wrong? - JP asked.
- I've just died in an atomic explosion.
- That's good. At least you didn't feel pain.
- Yes, I did. Because I was stupid. I hid behind a lead thingy.
- So... you were stupid. You died slowly and painfully.
- Yes, I did. And they had developed these mini atom bombs. You could see tiny mushroom clouds. There was even time to hug strangers.
- Someone told me about this stupid flick where the guy flees an atomic explosion by going into a lead fridge.
- That's... the last Indiana Jones. I saw it.
- Pretty stupid.
- Now I can say it doesn't work. I know it for a fact. Been there.
Last thing I felt were my wrinkled toes touching each other. And that was all that was.


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