I'm just in from the gym - you know, that place where you can simultaneously bore and pump yourself to near-death while listening to divas whining for their being emotionally messed up to a itchy dance background -, and, on a whim, I'd like to give a few pointers to those whose take on the matter is like mine. Which is: I must not get nerdy legs from playing too much Skyrim, and exercising often feels like a waste of time so going to a gym is the most efficient way to get it over with.
I live in Rio de Janeiro, which has warm weather all year round and many outdoor places to go to, some even with gym equipment on them, but no one to tell you how you should use them. I've tried to jog along the ciclovia (the bike track) around Botafogo Bay, but always having to take a pocket knife with me in order to scare away the thugs proved too adventurous for my tastes.

Please, just let me sweat

The coaches will get too friendly sometimes. I don't mean flirtatious, just eagerly talking about why you should come four times a week and pretending they want to know you better by asking gym-unrelated questions. They'll shout good morning energetically while wandering around the running mills. Sometimes, they stop at my mill, ask how am I doing and take my pulse - which they never get right since my running interferes with it. Don't mind that. They're actually instructed to do it - also to keep an eye on the clients, see if they're not exerting themselves too much, lest the gym will get sued if they croak. Besides, in Brazilian culture, niceness of the prying kind is a perk.
So what do I do when they pry and shout GOOD MORNING every three mills so everyone gets their share of sunshine? I tolerate. I nod and I smile until the niceness is finally done with.

To update your bodybuilding training, you should find a coach you least dislike. This person will have some trait reminding you of a friend, and should be the only one updating your training program. That way, you'll only have to answer the prying questions once.

Let your mind wander away from the pain - and the petty talk of gym people.

Learn their vocabulary enough to ask efficient questions about how to do your exercises right, so you won't have to talk too much with them. If you really get how they work, you'll get to avoid most of the boring/embarassing routines (like getting your pulse checked) by countering their questions with stuff that makes sense to them.

Don't smell any glass with whey protein in it. Drink coffee and lots of water instead.

That's all for now.

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